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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing easy wood badge ticket ideas

Instructions and Help about easy wood badge ticket ideas

Hi my name is Chuck I'm gonna got another do-it-yourself here for y'all this is a ticket Bowl it's a bowl made out of tickets roll a ticket really pretty cool I'm just gonna show you how to make it and it's gonna be real real quick at the beginning okay here's the too long didn't watch when you buy a roll the tickets it's gonna be a rock hard rock hard you have to take a home roll the tickets and hon wind it loosen it yes come all the way off the roll then you take the end for loosened you take the loose end onto it Music so it's tight down there it's a nice consistency that's the too long didn't watch all right here's a longer version for you if you want to lots of tips and tricks tip number one get in the right ticket Indiana ticket company that's my favorite one what looks good about it is that it's got these little notches it's got the little holes there in between the tickets alright classic ticket look they don't all have that and they're just solid they're just straight solid piece for whatever reason it does not flow you don't get a smooth it sticks sticks in its jumpy it goes it's really frustrating to work with it because you won't get a smooth edge like that out of it brand new roll like I said it is rock hard easiest way is you just spin spin spin and the whole thing's loosening right now the whole thing is loosening Music twist it do not pull this up right now that is not fun don't pull it out the whole thing just unravels it's done it's not really done there's a backlog on the bottom of it I like a smaller hole the way I do it is I just use my hands I hold the outside with one hand and then I slowly turn the inside with the other twisting and twisting and takes a long time then your hands are gonna get tired okay but I have come up with a tip to help you guys do it maybe the more fun way you take a piece of tape all right you got a tape the outside to the table tickets are a funny thing to work with because you if you ever mess up you can just rip off the tickets on the table next this time on the inside and I'm gonna put it halfway on the ticket half or not I'm gonna take a pencil I'm gonna roll that pencil onto the tape roll it on there stick it back in the bottom there and now I'm just gonna use a pencil to twist twist twist so you just twist the pencil you see it's cinching down onto the pencil you're gonna want some squeak enos you're gonna want some squeaky sounds you can see the whole diameter.