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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing lds wood badge ticket ideas

Instructions and Help about lds wood badge ticket ideas

Music good morning everyone morning I love seeing all of our young ladies there he comes together in Boy Scouting congratulations thank you to see today we have a wonderful ceremony for you today about a year ago you with your leaders decided to take a very important actually it's almost about a year ago exactly almost to the day I think maybe a day or two off but yeah almost exactly to the bed these gentlemen took wood bags and I want to talk to you just a little bit about my bag before I give them the regalia that shows the completion of them with that ticket would bag started a long long time ago back by our founder baden-powell back in nineteen oh yeah a long time ago a long long time ago and it was the first adult training that VP baden-powell is known as VP gave to his leader it happened on Brown Sea Island and it happened over a period of about eight days would that just kind of morph into different things but is the one thing that it's always the same it is about science whatever adult training but the BSA offers that's not just in the United States that's in the entire world what badges talk all over the world and it's always taught the exact same way and everyone worries the exact same thing going through wood back it was held at gill well field Brown Sea Island and the things that these adults learned although the mechanics have changed throughout the years obviously what we learned in the 1900 is a little different than what we learned in 2021 didn't work problem with things are a little bit different like for instance we now have this thing called electricity that's nice to have sometimes we have air conditioning okay those things were a little different back then but the things they learn back then a lot of those things things are actually the same way now he's learning all these babies into adult leaders seems like a waste I want you to learn that when they're young why wouldn't you learn that when you're a curator anybody have any ideas why we don't do that your brain well actually there isn't a reason there's not a good reason we do teach you the exact same things you teach it in well whether it would that it's called a course called national youth leadership training does anybody ever heard it in ylt we got a couple have y'all gone through in one LT did y'all enjoy it it's a lot of fun to learn anything so how is it helping has it helped you in school it does doesn't it it's talking leadership how to do a project would it surprise you that the exact same thing out that I wouldn't be honest here with you I have had the privilege of staffing in wild sea horses and wood.