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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Is wood badge worth it

Instructions and Help about Is wood badge worth it

By two but now I clinic bombing I don't know what to do I'm growing old at people and I can Bob no more so I'm going through my ticket if I can you know there were some interesting challenges as we started to try and prepare for this course scouting is a wonderful movement but yet hasn't yet caught up with all of the culture of the death for instance we had a real difficult time finding materials that were closed captioned and so we had to take all of the materials that we had to use here at wood badge and we had to figure out how to get him closed caption so I've learned a heck of a lot about how that process works but it's been wonderful it's fun so fun to watch the death the faces of the deaf people the participants here as they see the preparations that we've made and they see those closed captions and for the first time they're actually getting an opportunity to get scouting training and in a way that they can understand an absorber it's just been wonderful it's so fun to watch those smiles last year may 2022 I was on staff at a wood badge course and two of the participants a husband and wife both were ASL interpreters or RA its own purpose and for one of their goals in their ticket wanted to create the ability or modify the wood badge course to be deaf accessible the goal is to rewrite the syllabus to be deaf accessible or deaf friendly it was turned into the Great Salt Lake Council and forwarded on to national VSA who also reviewed and looked at it and were very impressed and sent a charter to gratefully Council to put together a pilot ASL English bilingual program I had no idea that when i started my ticket and and tried to make sure that the need for deaf accessible trainings that need was heard I had no idea that we would be one year later holding an accessible def web edge course with 16 participants and two deaf staff I am blown away with the amount of support and effort that so many people have put in to make this happen it truly shows that would budge can work and as you put a ticket together you can be successful in changing something that needs to be moved forward in Scouting I was so pleased to find out that national was going to send someone to come to our course to see what was happening it shows the dedication to the diversity of scouting to everyone that they want to include in Scouting it's an inclusiveness program that obviously they are trying to run and I'm hoping that they can take it back and we can bring this to other areas of the country in the world well I think what you're doing here right now is pretty.

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