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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Wood badge diversity presentation

Instructions and Help about Wood badge diversity presentation

You everyone d3 here from Bright Ideas getting calm just quick shout out to all of you last night that were on the cub chat on Twitter hello we had a great conversation about conservation and earth day so if you if you aren't a part of that at first I'll encourage you to join Twitter and look up the hashtag cub chat and look at the last thing we had a lot of great resources for those of us that were out there talking about all the conservation and how do we teach Leave No Trace to the kids great resource you can find me at bright idea also take a look at at the cub scout and a bunch of others they're like them follow them on Twitter and just keep the conversation we have that conversation every Wednesday night 7 p.m. central time and it's just great to see to get all your resources from people around the country with what they've been doing but the question came in the other other day handing three I've noticed in a lot of your training you've mentioned would bad what is wood badge hey that's a great question gene and so what is what bed wood badge is sort of the premier training for leadership for the adult scouters so if you are a Cub Scout leader Boy Scout leader venturing crew advisor this is for you honestly it's not really promoted heavily in the Cub Scout ranks a lot of times as Cub Scout leaders with your committee chair den leader cub master we're so busy with what we're doing we generally don't take time for ourselves and work on our leadership skills work on our networking skills work on our presentation skills and stuff like that and so a lot of times in these courses when I took this course two years ago there was about 30 of us in there I was I was one of two people that that worked in the Cub Scout area the rest were all Boy Scouts because once once your boy crosses over into Boy Scout the leadership's role those are placed upon the boys versus versus the leaders there's still suffering for adults to do but the bulk of the work the preparation all the stuff behind the scenes a lot of that goes back to the boys during the meeting so wood badge is an amazing experience it is a six day class generally speaking taken over to three day weekend and it's all weekend I mean we would start at seven thirty eight o'clock Friday morning and go until four or five o'clock sunday and it's just constant learning they put you into patrols just kind of like Boy Scouts and you work with a team of five or six people of varying degrees of a leadership of experience of backgrounds and they become lifelong friends I'm a bobwhite and I have great friends who are.

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