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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Wood badge ticket ideas for cub scouts

Instructions and Help about Wood badge ticket ideas for cub scouts

This is my wood badge ticket on how to conduct a pre-meeting true leader council meeting pre meeting is what advice I would give to a senior patrol leader before he goes into patrol leader council meeting now if the senior patrol leader is relatively new 12 13 maybe 14 year old you might not have much experience going to in patrol leader council meeting so the advice that I would give is first you need to have the five W's the five W's of the who what where when why how first you have to plan for your mid week activities your mid week patrol meetings and your weekend activities which most likely camp out there's two resources you need for that you have a true feeding plan that's for your mid week activity and then you have a patrol leader council agenda that's where you write down who's attending the patrol leader council you got to have your scribe a couple patrol leaders from your different controls you're seeing patrol leader assistant senior patrol leader and a scout master soldiers from the committee that can represent some of the adults take back that information back to the committee so they can prtransportation to any of the activities that are going to be planned the advice that I would give to the senior patrol leader before he goes into a patrol leader council meeting is when will the activity be will it be a weekend or summer day who will drive what adults will drive what is the menu who will bring what foods who will bring what gear what is the true packing list what is the personal packing list what is the uniform what is the purpose of the campout what requirements will be achieved during the campout for rank for possibly merit badges who will attend who might want to attend that doesn't usually come what's the true budget who will cook clean clean up fire maintenance fire-starting who will teach scouting skills then I would also say what kind of scouting skills are you going to have use the Boy Scout Handbook 13th edition so you have the most current up-to-date requirements for all advancement they're all color-coded and each color represents a different scouting skill that you can plan for that specific specific event just for that activity then you have a Florida gazetteer this has all the different places where you can go tent camping throughout Florida finding one like this that gives you distances and locations and all possible campgrounds and then you'll have all the necessary requirements and resources that you need in order to plan a patrol leader council meeting to recap the purpose of the patrol leader council meeting is to plan for activities that's when you decide your who what where when why is using the Boy Scout Handbook using the Florida or whatever gazetteer to accomplish whatever rank or merit badge requirements what I have.

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