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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing wood badge training 2021

Instructions and Help about wood badge training 2021

Dunno it does see I wasn't drinking do it ready I am right here all right you notice this accent logs sitting here I'm going to explain that right away the ax represents service and I'll tell you why the man who founded scouting baden-powell he was a big believer in the knights of the round table you know Robin Hood the days of chivalry and all that well back then you are allowed to carry an axe most people were just commoners and we weren't allowed to carry an axe and you had to earn the right to carry an axe because all the trees belong to the king into the lords of the land you weren't allowed to cut down the trees all you could do is go around and pick up wouldn't it already fallen now you could imagine how difficult that was back then because there was no electricity there was no gas or dunno that the only thing you had to cook on or heat with was wood and he had to gather it from the floor of the forest imagine that if you couldn't carry an X well in order to have the right to carry an axe you did special favors for the for the king or for the landowner or whatever and you were able to do that so this represents community service going way back going back hundreds of years and it's the totem for the wood bench of course that I'm about to talk about it sometimes it rolls right off the table sometimes it stays I now declare this court of honor for the purpose of bruising and we badge beads to Michael gets and let me tell you a little bit about a bitch you guys might have heard of my LT anybody here it still comes Gus you might not have heard of that it's a training for Boy Scouts to tell them how to how to be good leaders it has all kinds of your stuff in it well the founder of scouting back in 1907 put on a course on brown sea island for those boys scouts at the time a couple years later he rose he was going on the woods with all these young men but the adults had no clue what they were doing and sometimes that's still the way it is right so they need you know adults need training to and he realized bein pal realized that he needed to put on the same leadership training for the adults well he designed this course but remember in 1907 he had done it for the boys and a couple years later he decided to do it for the men but any of you adults know what happened around that time of 1910 1911 sorry happening world to wear full bore one store everything right and so the men couldn't go to any training the men were off fighting so he.