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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing wood badge training 2021

Instructions and Help about wood badge training 2021

I used to be we're gonna start off tonight with introducing you a special guest mr. Tom Pendergast tonight we're going to award wood badge speeds to eight people who have completed the course and worked the ticket so would everybody involved in the ceremony kindly come forward all the troop guides and everyone that's going to be presented all the candidates kindly come forward we're badge we're badge is the highest state of adult training that can be achieved in the Boy Scouts of America wood badge is in 140 countries of the world the highest and most important thing is that they earn their wood badge beads why do we have wood badge beads and why is it called wood badge baden-powell the founder of scouting in 1919 felt that the movement was growing too big and that they had to train leaders in the program so that each one was teaching the same thing and running the same program he took all these people to a place called gill wall Park and they ran through a training course and it was very successful then he said to himself what can I give these people as a reward well his most prized possession was a necklace of wooden beads which had belonged to the Zulu chief dingy Zulu who was the son of Shaka Zulu the greatest of the Zulu Chiefs and contrary to what Hollywood would have you believe the Zulus were a very highly developed civilization and they were fierce warriors baden-powell have to had fought them in the army and he respected them greatly so that's why he based an awful lot of things upon running what they usually do so at this point by the power and authority vested in me by the Boy Scouts of America and Troop one of gill well I declared this High Court of wood badge honor to be in session in wood beds we talk of the wood batch ticket would match ticket is a requirement of the course after the participants take a 6 day course they have to complete a ticket that's 5 different projects that they have to do that take no less than six months but no more than 18 months projects that should benefit their particular position in scouting it should be a challenging project each one of those and for your Scouts you could think of it kind of like not exactly but kind of like a 5 equal projects in the word match ticket the name came from baden-powell he was a military man and in those days you would have to find your way back home to your home in England and so you would gradually work your way home by taking your ticket that was your ticket home and gaining assignments closer and closer to home so we still honor that tradition by calling it the wood batch ticket as you work your ticket to get back to.