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Ticket scouters Form: What You Should Know

Payment: Mail: Fox Cities P.A.C. Group Sales Department, 400 West College Avenue, Appleton, WI 54911. Please note: All receipts and payees must be mailed by certified mail, return receipt requested. You cannot mail the receipt/payee slip to us. TICKETS MUST BE IN THEIR OWN PACKAGE (NOT A PACKAGE PAID FOR BY OTHER GROUP). COMPLY WITH ALL REQUIREMENTS IN THIS PROPOSED ORDER TO ORDER TICKETS. Please note: All receipts and payees must be mailed by certified mail, return receipt requested. You cannot mail the receipt/payee slip to us. You must complete the ORDER FORM with the same person you want to order for each ticket purchased. No order/ticket will be executed (received) without proof of payment from the person who ordered the ticket. Please provide a copy of the photo I.D. You will also receive a receipt if a payment is made to us that was made by credit card. CONCILIATED ORDERS. The first two are due by July 4. CONCILIATED ORDER FORM FOR DIGITAL ENTRY. TICKET CHANGES FOR CUSTOMERS OUTSIDE THE UNITED STATES. (A “CUSTOMER OUTSIDE THE UNITED STATES”, also referred to as a “CUSTOMER WITHOUT A COUNTRY CODE”, is defined for our use here. A COUNTRY CODE is not required here). You must have a valid International Ordering Code for your ticket. Any change to your ticket for any reason beyond your control must be done via email or postal mail to us first, not at a service center. (Please note: It is the responsibility of the customer who receives the ticket to keep your ticket in safe custody. You are responsible for the possession of this merchandise and any return of the item must bear a statement that a refund has been initiated and receipt of receipt. We do NOT return any of the merchandise without the customer's approval). PROCEDURE FOR CORRECT TICKET CHANGES FOR CUSTOMERS FROM THE UNITED STATES AND A CONFLICT BETWEEN CUSTOMERS. If you have any difficulty in making correct changes to your order, you must notify us first by email. We will not send a correction to customers outside the United States without notice (other than through email) to this effect.

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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Ticket scouters

Instructions and Help about Ticket scouters

The dark truth about Boy Scouts. What's up, friends, and welcome to Inform Overload. I'm the Pompadour Prince, Johnny Rogers. If you happen to be new to the channel, we find the most interesting news stories on the internet and then make them more entertaining. Plus, don't forget to stick around until the end because I will be answering some of your comments from previous videos. Now, when I was a kid, my parents enrolled me into the Boy Scouts because they thought it was a great place to meet friends, learn some outdoor skills, and strengthen my leadership qualities. However, I never once thought that I would be subjected to the atrocities that so many children in North America are reporting. The Boy Scouts of America have been accused of concealing years of sexual misconduct from their Boy Scout leaders. During a large two-day press conference in New York and New Jersey, 50 names of alleged perpetrators were revealed. New York victims' rights attorney, Jeff Anderson, says he's aware of 200 more. Anderson believes that since the 1940s, the Boy Scouts of America have been denying and covering up for their alleged abusers. In the testimony from a trial in January, it came to light that there could be more than 7,000 sex abusers and a staggering 12,000 victims. These allegations would fall between the years of 1944 to 2016 and would include names of abusers that remained in the organization the entire time. Jeff Anderson said the lives of the survivors and their families have been shattered and destroyed in so many ways. During the press conference, a 14,500-page list from the Boy Scouts of America was revealed, detailing the names of what they referred to as "ineligible volunteers". This list spanned from 1965 to 1985, and all of those people on...