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What to expect at wood badge Form: What You Should Know

Wood Badge | AWAY, BSA What Can I Expect From a Wood Badge Class? As a part of the training experience. Wood Badge is the culmination of the training process where  Wood Badge | AWAY, BSA What is Your Conclusions about Wood Badge? Wood Badge is an intensive two-day leadership course for youth. While the course is for  Wood Badge | AWAY, BSA What Can I Expect from my First Wood Badge Class? • The class will take place at your  home or the camp facility. • The first half of the course will include: • Developing a new role as leader • Developing a new leadership program, including setting  Time and location for training camp and taking your crew to a local training site • Developing and delivering a leadership  informational presentation during camp. • Participants will then have the opportunity to attend the second half of the  class — which will include: • Developing and delivering a leadership training workshop during  Camp Preparation • Developing and delivering a leadership training video during camp • Developing and delivering a leadership workshop for participants to watch before departing Camp. Wood Badge | AWAY, BSA Are You Interested in Becoming a Teacher? If so, please read and apply below. I am a student at  Wood Badge | AWAY, BSA and I plan to apply to the teacher training program in 2023 and be a  Wood Badge | AWAY, BSA What are you asking for? • I am interested in earning the Wood Badge in 2018. • I can commit to taking the course for two months after  I graduate. • I have experience in outdoor leadership/coaching. • My experience as a leader or as a coach has included developing outdoor  leadership programs or teams for both high school and adult members. Please provide the following information to assist me in completing the application process. Name: • Email Address (optional): • Telephone Number (optional): • What experience have you had? • What will you be teaching? • School: • What will be the subject? • I'm a member of a school group • We attend a campsite for the summer, and I am interested in providing leadership/coaching to others within the same school group.

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FAQ - What to expect at wood badge

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